6 Modern Contemporary Ideas for Your Apartment

6 Modern Contemporary Ideas for Your Apartment


One of the best things about getting an interior designer to help you out with the look of your home is that ultimately, you have a place that you would love to go home to every single day. One of the most common design themes to use is modern contemporary which is evident in this apartment.

The living room is simple yet exudes a subdued kind of elegance. The color scheme is not loud and all furnishings match well with each other. The L-shaped sofa makes the room seem larger than it actually is, and the rug complements and adds depth to the space. The choice of decor is also minimal, just to make sure that nothing is overdone.


The masters’ bedroom is also modern in look. One can assert that it is minimalist in look and feel with the very few decors save for the standard furnishings in a bedroom. The wood finishing for the cabinets, the flooring and even the work station all look sleek and pristine.


The masters’ bathroom follows the subdued look and feel of the whole apartment. Different shades of brown, in various materials such as marble and wood make for a very luxurious looking bathroom. The space is roomy enough to move around in comfortably. The three-panel mirrors make the space look bigger and the fixtures are down only to the basics.


The kitchen strictly adheres to the minimalist yet modern contemporary approach of the designer. By using wood as the main material for this space, the look and feel of classiness is achieved. The area is free of any clutter as the kitchen appliances are incorporated within the wood panels.


One of the key tricks  to making your dining area, or even any space for that matter, look bigger than it actually is, is to use mirrors the way it is used here in the dining room. With the table placed right beside the mirrors, one gets the illusion that there is more space. The chairs and furnishings are all modern and sync with the rest of the other portions of the apartment.


Another trick to making a small apartment look evidently larger is to add partitions and create an instant foyer. One of the partitions can serve as storage for your shoes and other things, while the other side can be decorative. Depth is added in an instant without you even noticing it. Just make sure to use partitions that complement each other and the blends well with the whole theme so it doesn’t look awkward.