5 Tips To Use Wooden Fixtures and Detailing In Your Home

5 Tips To Use Wooden Fixtures and Detailing In Your Home

When it comes to interior designing the essentials are having variety in colors, patterns, textures and style. There are also a few rules that apply to working with any kind of wood for any furniture or area of your home. These are…


  1. Be aware of your undertones. Finishes do not need to match but should at least complement each other.


2. Be mindful of the grain. In a way, you are trying to maintain the same pattern and mood of the wood.


3. Use buffers. Do not place two or more types of wood on top of each other. Instead, place something between it.


Rugs, couches, tables and other furniture are a good example of buffers.


4. Minimize. Stick to 2 or 3 types and repeat these a few times around your space.


This helps make a room feel less chaotic and balances everything out.


5. Try white wood. If you’re not sure, opt for white. They go well with anything.