5 Tips How You Can Live Big In A Small Apartment

5 Tips How You Can Live Big In A Small Apartment

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Let’s face it, not everyone can live in a spacious, 100+ square meters apartment. Not all of us can afford it. But the thing is, even if you live in a small apartment, that doesn’t need you cannot live BIG!

Quite the contrary, even the smallest apartment can be transformed into a cozy, comfortable living area and suit all your needs. It is challenging, but the end result is very much rewarding and accomplishing. Let’s take a look at some of the tips and tricks how you can live big in a small apartment.

1. Measure everything and plan

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Measure, measure, and then measure again. Face it, you are working with little space. That is why it is essential that you measure everything, just so you can have a clear idea how much space you have to work with.

An inch here and there might make you reconsider your furniture. And when it comes to measurements, while width and length is the first thing that comes to mind, do not forget the height as well. If you have a high ceiling apartment, height plays an important role in your decorating plan.

2. Plan in 3D, but think in 4D

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We mentioned there are three dimensions that need to be measured and implemented in your living arrangements. Those are width, length and height. But here we will mention the fourth dimension, or the fourth element for your plan.

The fourth dimension is “time”, or how you live and operate within the apartment. Make sure to set priorities, what you need, how will you use it, how will it help you, can it be modified, transformed, or put in place?

Make sure that all the main elements are standing, and then if you feel you have enough space, you can move over to the details of your apartment.

3. What to display and what to hide?

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Let’s be honest here, we have bunch of cables in our home. The reason is simple, we use more than two or three electronic devices at home at all time. In a small apartment, it is important to find a way to hide your cables, as they create clutter.

The more clutter is visible, the smaller your apartment looks to the outside world. The same principle applies for lights as well, try to hide them in a subtle way.

As for the question what to display, ask this question from day one “what you really need, and what you do not”. No matter how selective you will be, with time, you will collect items.

It is a natural behavior. However, you need to store your new items in clever and creative way, or get rid of them. An empty space is always more valuable than countless clutter and cherished more than furnishings.

4. Convertible items

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As it has been pointed out millions of times, in a small space you must think multifunctional and practical. You need furniture that can be moved from one spot to another in a matter of seconds.

You need furniture that can serve many purposes. The first thing to settle is the bed. If you have high ceiling, a loft bed is the ideal solution. If not, think of a sofa bed that can be transformed in a matter of minutes.

5. Lights

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As for lighting, in a small apartment it is essential that you avoid central lights. In big, spacious apartments, one big chandelier looks beautiful and it is the most efficient way to light up your space.

However, in a small apartment, one central light is a mood killer and ruins the atmosphere. Spread the light over the room and go for several small, artificial light sources. A good trick is to add light source to every corner of the room, making every corner interesting.