One of the design secrets of interior designers in achieving a clean, streamlined, yet elegant look is to incorporate wood and carpentry into the home. There is a big difference when wood is the main material used, especially when partnered with the right color palette.

The shoe cabinet looks more like a decorative cabinet than its main purpose. The use of white wood panels with black stripes made the storage area look better than ever. By having a hollow part in the middle and a small sofa at the side attached, the cabinet became multifunctional altogether. The door which is also made of wood completed the look of the whole space.


The living area is amazing in every aspect. The TV feature wall makes use of carpentry in a shade of grey which makes it look very stylish and elegant. The grey cushiony sofa blended well with the rug and the decorative table attached to the feature wall gives flavor and substance to the area. The black drapes add the final touch as it gives the room a soft texture.


The kitchen also adhered to the grey color palette, thus making sure that all the spaces in the apartment complement each other very well. What makes this area stand out is that the use of grey actually worked well for the kitchen. Grey is normally associated with gloominess and somber mood. This kitchen however was chic, urban and elegant in all aspects. It will surely make one want to cook all day.


The bedroom looks very classy in gray and brown. The color palette gives the room a somber mood, especially as it is complemented by the soft curtains and the bed. The vanity at the side of the bed helped fix the dead space it was supposed to be.


From another angle of the masters’ bedroom, we see the ceiling to floor cabinets and the TV console which are made of elegant wood. The finishing on the carpentry is absolutely chic that it lends the elegant vibe to the whole space.