5 Hidden Storage Areas to Enlarge Your Home

5 Hidden Storage Areas to Enlarge Your Home

These days, living in a big city means one thing: residing in a small space. When space is limited, you have to find innovative ways to maximize it.

The comfort of your home is not determined by its size but by how you organize and design it. Get creative with storage and make your home your pride and joy.

If you think you don’t have sufficient storage in your home, you’re wrong. Every nook and cranny that is unused provides plenty of storage options. Look to these ideas on how to create extra storage and enlarge your home.

1. Underbed Storage

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A bedroom should be a haven of comfort, a place where you can relax and forget about life’s chaos. However, it can be hard to relax in a bedroom filled with piles of dirty clothes or overstuffed closets.

Create underbed storage with plastic containers or artfully organized baskets. These can hold clothes you’re not wearing, bed linen, office files, shoes and décor items you may not need regularly.

Underbed storage is ideal for small homes, apartments, and shared bedrooms with limited space. In children’s rooms, use clear storage bins to store action figures, toys, and puzzle pieces under the beds.

2. Vertical Wall Storage

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When space is limited, look to the walls. Walls are not just for artwork, they can hold your plates, books, dry goods, and much more. Working vertically is the best way to increase and maximize your space.

You can create a lot of storage in a small room by installing shelves and hooks inside closets or behind bathroom doors. Install wall-mounted bookshelves in the living room and open storage shelves in your kitchen and bathroom.

You can make the shelves interesting by taking them up to the ceiling. Floor-to-ceiling shelves offer excellent storage for your pretty glassware and prized possessions. If you have high ceilings, you can install vertical storage pieces even in narrow corners.

3. Ceiling Storage

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The ceiling – a commonly neglected area – offers a myriad of innovative storage opportunities. It provides a large amount of space you can use to showcase your collections or to create captivating vignettes.

If you own beautiful cookware, show it off by hanging it from the ceiling.

Ceiling storage draws eyes upwards making rooms seem taller than they actually are. As you hang things, do it sparingly. A ceiling filled with items can make a home look cluttered and even hinder the flow of traffic. Create a storage system that will allow you to find your items easily.

4. Overhead Storage

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Living in a tiny home doesn’t mean you cannot have a fashionable space. At times, even eccentric storage solutions come in handy. Remember that every square foot of your home is valuable and the fewer items you have on the floor, the more spacious your home will look.

The space above doors and windows is as good a place to start as any. Overhead storage above doors frames the entrance creating visual interest. You can also add storage over your bed to create a cozy nook.

Overhead storage works well even in rooms with low ceilings. It creates instant charm.

5. Cabinet Organizers

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These come in handy in areas like kitchen pantries and kids’ rooms where space is usually limited. Organizers like stackable containers can hold everything, from dry food to toys.

Cabinet organizers come in numerous designs. There are easy view cabinet organizers which make everything visible. When you store food items in such organizers, you won’t be frustrated every time you try to make a shopping list as you’ll easily see what you need.

Some cabinet organizers are expandable and can be adjusted to accommodate more items. While your home may be small, you can maximize and enlarge it visually by getting creative with storage.

Don’t give up your dream of creating a comfy, relaxing space you can enjoy with family and friends. Use these helpful hidden storage ideas for your small home and see how much you love it!