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Your house is where you spend most your lifetime in. It reflects a part of your personality and also borrows heavily from the society you belong to. While some households use classic furniture pieces and heavy symmetrical arrangements to give their homes a traditional setup, many others are now opting for a contemporary and modern way of designing their homes.

From the homes they choose to the props, everything has a contemporary look. It is often believed that modern designs are minimalistic and dark; however, the notion is soon changing. Modern interiors are welcoming, stylish and comfortable. Take a look at these five images that prove why a contemporary look is good for your home.

The Living Room

This simple yet sophisticated look is achieved by using sleek interiors and modern furniture. Traditionally, the use of lights in the living room means having to use flat white lights. However, here, the use of recessed ceiling lights and a good ceiling design dazzles with class.

The Kitchen
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Who says a kitchen has to look messy? Opting for a modern design with solid brown wooden panel and cabinets can make your kitchen look neat. This is also a highly efficient way of storing items in the kitchen. The use of colors is perfectly balanced, as your attention is quickly moved to the neat cabinetry.

The use of just one glass cabinetry is lovely twist to the design. The extended portion of the kitchen can help you use heavy electrical appliances like the washing machine.

The Bedroom
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The use of different shades of brown leave your imagination to get creative with textures and patterns on your furniture. One may also opt for other textured props in the room. This is visually pleasing element to the room. The usage of brown gives one a cozy and warm vibe in the bedroom.

The Bathroom
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Modern designs deliver a clean and minimalistic effect on the bathroom. Since it’s the room we use every day, the attention to make is look good is always extra. The use of geometric tiles near the mirror and the minimal colors brings out a relaxed effect on the bathroom.