5 Benefits Of Teak Wood And Why You Should Get It For Your Flooring

5 Benefits Of Teak Wood And Why You Should Get It For Your Flooring

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Teak is one of the common choices when it comes to wooden flooring. While it is costly, the material is well worth the price. As a material, teak wood contains high amount of oil, which makes the wood highly resistant to natural and atmospheric influences. The high amount of oil also makes the teak wood highly elastic, and resistant to attacks from bugs and insects.

1. Durability

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Teak wood is produced from mature teak tree. Or to put it in other words, before it comes to your floor, the wood has survived at least 10 years in natural environment. Those characteristics give the teak wood flooring extreme durability. You can put heavy things on your floor without the fear that they will damage it. In fact, your teak wood floor will be just fine. Durability is another benefit of the teak wood that makes the material excellent choice not just for floors, but for furniture as well.

2. Easy maintenance
Once the floor is finished, teak wood is one of the easiest materials to clean. The finish of the teak wood floor makes it easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe it with any type, shape or form of linen cloth. Even for stains, a simple mixture of warm water and baking soda is all you need to wipe the stains. Sounds easy enough? Well of course it does, since it really is.

3. Beautiful look

source: teakwoodcentral.com

Flooring made from teak wood keeps the material natural texture and color. Teak wood has arguably the most beautifully looking texture which you get to experience in your home. The natural lines and the warm color of the teak wood make the material an ideal choice for your flooring. And when it comes to style, the natural and clear lines of the teak are best suited for scandinavian and modern interior design styles.

4. Where and when to use teak wood?
Floors made out of teak wood are extremely durable and with high quality. Teak, as a material is resistant to scratches, hits and pressure from other subjects. Teak wood is extremely popular and contractors recommend it for families with little children or house pets.

If your children and pet love to run around, teak wood is the material that can handle their rebelliousness. Teak wood is also recommended for outdoor patio due to its natural resistance to all weather conditions. Teak shows extremely high resistance to water and humidity, making it the ideal choice for patio, but also furniture in the bathroom and saunas. Maintenance and cleaning is extremely easy.

Even if you spill water on it, or some other fluid, do not panic, all you need to do is wipe the floor. Water will not damage the teak and you do need to worry that it will cause deformity or distortion.

5. Is it really worth the price?
When compared to other flooring options, teak wood is rather more expensive. Teak wood flooring belongs in the class of top 5 expensive floor options. However, teak wood is also one of the best options in the same time. When you add the cleaning costs, the easy maintenance and durability, the teak wood flooring seems like the best idea.

It all comes down to whether you can afford to invest in teak wood flooring. As we all know, people operate within a thin budget, and we cannot afford luxury in all areas. But bear in mind, flooring is one thing worth investing in. The prices for the teak wood flooring can vary, depending of the space you cover, but you should look at least $500 for three bedroom apartment.