If you’re always on the go and don’t like to be bothered with too much fuss, this apartment is perfect for you. This work station also doubles as an area where you can rest. This space can also be your bed room. A bed is situated on top of a platform with a countertop serving as your workstation. The use of dark wood makes the space look modern and elegant at the same time despite the lack of home furnishings and decor.


The living room is perfect for those who love to watch television a lot. The space was designed for long hours of lounging around. The main material is still dark wood and was incorporated as part of the design, giving the illusion of space and higher ceiling. The TV wall makes use of shiny panels, that add to the sophistication of the space.


The masters’ bedroom is very simple and straightforward, but still chic and stylish. The only furnishing one will find in this room is the bed which is actually suitable. The play on the different wood laminates makes the space more rich-looking.


The second bedroom is consistent with the modern design of the flat. The bed sits atop a wooden platform that also serves as storage cabinets for the things of the owner. The white overhead shelves complement the wooden floor and the white walls.  To keep the simplicity of the whole room, only essentials such as a table, that is ingeniously attached to the wall and a chair are the furnishings found in the space aside from the bed. A picture frame of an artwork serves as the only pop of color to the room.