3 Trending Interior Design Tips You Must Know

3 Trending Interior Design Tips You Must Know

In 2016, interior design has proven to be one of the leading industries in the world. It has been able to attract very many people who are interested in making their homes look better.

With the increasing population of the world; there has been an increase in the demand of more houses hence an increase in demand for more interior designers; this has made this field very competitive. Below are 3 trending interior design tips that are currently being used today.



1. Color Schemes
Color blending is one of the top trending techniques. Both light and dark colors are being used mostly; luminous green, grey, white, black, blue and grey. These colors are all being used together and the beauty is seen in how they are used.

2. Lighting Design

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Art work in lighting design is being used to enhance beauty of a room. When using lighting, make sure u use sources of light that will not clash with the colors in the room. Try and make the lighting artwork look antique because the old looks are currently trending.

3. Wooden Artwork
Using wood to decorate your room is cheaper and longer lasting that other material. Use wooden artwork in building staircases instead of using blocks because, with wood you can save on space and you can build drawers and cabinets under the staircase. You can also use it to build shelves and ladders for the shelves. This creates a lot of storage space in the house.

When you use the above tips and blend them together, you are rest assured of impressing your clients hence you will attract more. In addition make your work original and artistic.