3 Tips To Buy Your Ideal Dining Table

3 Tips To Buy Your Ideal Dining Table

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The dining table is the central piece and focal point of the dining room, and arguably the apartment. It certainly is a crucial piece of your furniture. No matter if your dining table is front and center of your open kitchen, or you have it positioned in the dining room as a formal piece, the dining table is a gathering spot for parties and entertainment.

The dining table takes a prominent space in your room/apartment, and one can say it sets the tone for the entire room. Here is what you should pay attention before buying the table that fits your style and apartment.

1. Table Material

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The list for materials used for the dining table is long and it starts with wood, marble, slate, glass, fiberboard, and so on. To make things more complicated, each material has its own variations. You also must decide the type, finish, color and much more of each material.

For example, if you have young children who can spill something on a occasional basis, choosing a wooden mahogany table is a huge mistake. Instead, you need something that requires little maintenance, such as polished marble or glass. Both options won’t show watermarks and stains and can be easily cleaned.

When it comes to wood, there are options between hardwood (walnut, oak, mahogany, maple and teak), softwood and composite wood. Composite wood is made of a mixture between hardwood and softwood.

One common composite wood is MDF (medium density fiberboard). This composite is durable, but it lacks the strong and sturdy side of hardwood. If you want something that is beyond the traditional materials, metal, molded plastic and grainy marble make excellent choices.

2. Table Size
Before you purchase the table, measure your room. In many cases, people buy tables that make their dining rooms look cramped, not cozy. You need to walk around the table and the chairs.

As for the dimensions of the table, there are several standard measurements. For example, round tables have a diameter of 48” which can fit four people, 54” for six people and 60”, a table that can fit eight people comfortable. You can always seat more people or look for a table with leaves that can fold or expand.

Rectangular table size for eight people is 36” x 72”. However, seating at rectangular table is more comfortable and eats less space.

Another aspect to pay attention to is the table height. The standard height is 30”, but some can be lower or higher. Make sure you pay attention to the height, since it should be related with the height of the chairs.

3. Table Styles

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There are many styles, but we can take a look at some of the common and popular choices. Traditional oval dining table is the classic and beautiful choice. They are mostly made from mahogany or cherry. There are antique versions that can be found at auctions.

Traditional oval tables usually come with leaves that can fold or expand. This makes the table practical, as it takes less space, but it can be expanded to fit more people.

The easiest table to sit at is the Round Pedestal as there are no legs that get in the way of your seating. They have only a single pedestal in the middle. Round Pedestal tables are made out of marble or traditional wood. However, there are also modern and contemporary versions that have more fluid look.

Rustic Modern has become a popular choice in recent years as homeowners turn to tradition in their modern homes. The shape is usually rectangular, and the popular choice of material is worn wood. Slate is also used. However, for the perfect mix of rustic and modern, people opt for mix of metal and wood.

Trestle is a table made out of two or three trestles. They make up the base of the table and support the table surface. Trestle is an extremely old style that is best in casual dining rooms.