3 Bedroom Modern Contemporary @ Beverly Hills

3 Bedroom Modern Contemporary @ Beverly Hills

Transcending time

Situated along Grange Road, this luxurious apartment project transports visitors through the phase of time. Upon entering the condominium’s compound, one is greeted by a 1980s rustic design that is the outlook of the main buildings. However, upon entering the apartment, a whole new era unveils as the visitor is greeted by a contemporary design.

The balcony accommodates an alfresco sitting area where a table for six sits comfortably a small family or a few close friends. Perfect for those who enjoy a breath of fresh air.

The living room sports an overall black and white theme with hints of warm pastel colours. It also has unrestricted views of the balcony, allowing ample natural light to enter.

The master bedroom with the same facing view as the balcony, accommodates a wall mounted television and a dresser table by the full height windows. The colour theme and design of the room exudes a luxurious elegance.

Opposite the master bedroom is another bedroom. Taking on a similar design of the master bedroom, this room presents itself in warm pastel hues, creating a soothing environment for rest and relaxation.

Adjacent to the master bedroom is the study room that comes with a built in study table and cabinets for storage. Facing it is a teakwood finished bunk bed for the younger ones in the house.