Who says that living in an HDB apartment has to be boring?

If you are looking for inspiration to spruce up your humble HDB abode, here are some unexpected and unique homes to inspire you.

1. First Class – Using a comforting colour scheme of soft, neutral colours has allowed this three-room HDB home in Ang Mo Kio to appear visually spacious.

We love the use of timeless materials such as white chrome, dark timber and polished surfaces that elevate this home into a classy space.

Source: Vegas Interior Design


2. Cosy Corner

Source: Design Chapterz

If you think industrial-style homes lack warmth, think again. As this four-room BTO unit in Senja Road demonstrates industrial elements can look cosy and inviting if employed carefully.

In this case the inclusion of a red brick feature wall adds that much needed character. That coupled with stylish modern furnishings makes this home both tasteful and comfortable.

3. Wow Factor

Source: AX Image Design Studio

Taking inspiration from atmospheric club lounges, the homeowners of this five-room HDB have decided to imbue a sense of glamour and luxury to their living room.

Eye-catching light fixtures, reflective surfaces and glossy furnishings enhance the dark colour theme. This is not all form without function, however. The elements enhance the viewing experience of a state-of-the-art home entertainment system.

4. Contemporary Living

Source: DC Vision Design

Even with its contemporary design and minimal accents, this HDB unit in Yishun still manages to look warm and inviting. This is thanks to the use of natural birch flooring and a neutral colour palette.

5. Rustic Traditional

Source: Inzz Studio

6. Modern Marvel

Source: Aart Boxx Interior

This stylish four-room BTO unit incorporates plenty of industrial elements, such as exposed brick walls, a cement screed feature wall and light coloured wood flooring.

Walls have also been knocked down to open up the space to make it more loft-like and spacious. Far from looking cold, the home contains enough visually stimulating accents like the black-framed partitions, plush soft furnishings and colourful art to make the home fun and interesting.

7. In The Pink

Source: Absolook Interior Design

The homeowners of this Yishun BTO unit have cleverly opted to imbue personality to an otherwise minimalist kitchen with a splash of colour—in this instance bright, cheery pink. The effect is eye-catching, uplifting and, most importantly, inspiring for delicious meals!

8. Dream Kitchen

Source: De Style Interior

9. Scandi Cool

Source: Voila Design

Scandinavian design is all about clean lines and functionality. This home in Anchorvale shows that with a little bit of creativity, you can achieve a home that is both beautiful and practical.

We love how a wall was partially taken down to form a glass-clad office. This visually opens up the space while adding interest and character to the home.

10. Small Wonder

Source: Designscale

To maximise the space of this three-room HDB unit, interior designers incorporated plenty of smart storage solutions throughout. These include built-in cabinets and hidden storage spaces.

11. Shades of Grey

Source: AC Vision Design

Looking for a sophisticated home interior but think a black and white colour scheme is too predictable? Consider a palette in grey scale. The shade is elegant, modern and versatile.

You can take a cue from this four-room BTO home by employing different shades of grey onto walls, furnishings and other décor accents to create layers of texture and points of interest.

12. Simply Warm

Source: Space Define Interior

Sometimes the best designs are the simplest designs. This four-room HDB home in Pasir Ris takes principles of Scandinavian design and combines it with simplicity. The sleek look is complemented by lots of warm wood elements to result in a home that is airy, restrained and welcoming.

13. Resort Life

Source: Urban Habitat Design

The refreshing colour palette used in this four-room BTO unit in Yishun is a sight for sore eyes. Paired with a white feature wall and earth-toned furnishings, the effect is reminiscent of a beach resort.

We like that the homeowners have kept the use of colours limited to just a few accent pieces. The end result is tasteful yet soothing.

14. Natural Chic

Source: HomeVista

Taking inspiration from nature, the interior designers of this four-room HDB unit incorporated plenty of natural and streamlined elements into the home.

Not only is this home relaxing and comfortable, it is also practical thanks to the introduction of functional built-in cabinetry with wood grain texture, like this floor-to-ceiling storage space at the entrance.

15. The Magic of White

Source: Weiken

16. Natural Look and Feel

Source: Interior Doctor