10 Stylish Ways to Use Partitions at Home

10 Stylish Ways to Use Partitions at Home


One of the best ways to create depth and space in any home, big or small, is to use partitions at key areas of your apartment. This can be done regardless of the theme or design concept of the house.

This flat takes on a modern luxury concept just by looking at the furnishings and home decors. The living area is posh and stylish with its neutral color scheme. Ceiling to floor shelf-cabinets are used at one corner to enclose the area.


The glass panels located at the foyer aren’t just for you to check on your get up at the last minute before heading out the door. They are there also to make the small area seem larger because of the double reflection. By having a wall in a neutral cream color, the foyer instantly opened up because of the mirrors.


A double glass partition is located at one corner of the apartment. It not only serves to the dead space a bit more character, but it also helps extend the space that is not really there. Glass is the perfect material to create depth and space and at the same time create partitions that still connect areas together without the awkward feeling that other furnishing materials would do.


A shoe storage cabinet is the first thing you will see the moment you enter the front door. Because of its sleek design and carpentry, the shoe cabinet looks more like a home decor. It also helps guide the way towards the inner part of the apartment.


The geometric design of the ceiling partnered with pin lights is the best way to get that classy and chic look you’ve always wanted to have for your apartment. If you want your flat to appear like it came straight out of a home magazine, try this design trick. It works best on apartments with medium to high ceilings.


The bedroom looks like something you might see in a resort. The choice of colors, the use of cool materials such as wood, even the arrangement of the bed against the headboard would remind you of the beach. The feature wall of the TV is chic and gives the room its texture.


Another angle of the room lets you see that sliding glass doors lead to a small veranda where the homeowners can relax before going to bed. By using only sheer drapes, it is easier to see the beauty of the surroundings outside even from inside the bedroom. A small work table is attached to the right of the TV console for days when there is a need to study or work on other things.


The children’s room is well-designed to be multi-functional. A pull-out bed is available at night and a study table that can be shared by two is installed at one side of the bedroom. The shelves store both reading materials and toys of the kids.


From another angle of the kids’ bedroom, one can see that the curtains also open to a portion of the veranda. The use of wood was a perfect material the designer employed for the room because it made the room come to life and look squeaky clean at the same time.


By using simple yet classy elements in key areas of your apartment, you are able to create more spaces and at the same time help elevate the look of your home without seeming as if you are trying too hard.