10 Smart Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms That You Never Knew Existed

10 Smart Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms That You Never Knew Existed

With an average size of slightly under 3 square meters, a HDB bathroom can be quite a squeeze. However, a small bathroom does not have to be completely utilitarian. Here are some smart storage ideas for a tiny bathroom.

1. Build up

Source: www.goodhousekeeping.com

Add shelves on bathroom walls to create storage space where there was none. Bracket shelves or stacked shelves are not only affordable but easy to install too. The best thing about this solution is that you can utilise every spare space on the bathroom walls.

2. Hidden storage

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Why install a flat mirror above the sink when you can us that vertical space as a storage area? Install mirrored cabinets above the sink and you have both a mirror and that much needed space to store your toiletries.

3. Go down

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Take advantage of the room under the sink by adding a cabinet below. Not only will it hide the pipes, it will give you space to store larger items.

4. Use every inch

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That empty space above the toilet bowl? Make use of it by installing floating shelves. It’s easy to install and it looks neat. Another way to use that space above the WC is to place a built-up shelf around it. This solution is quick and easy, and works well for storing toiletries and larger bath accessories like towels.

5. Magnetic solution

Source: www.goodhousekeeping.com

Keep all those bits and bobs in check by putting up a magnetic strip in the bathroom. It will also save you all that time rummaging through cupboards and bags for items such as tweezers, nail clippers and pins!

6. Shower shelves

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People often overlook storage space in the shower area but it is essential when it comes to reaching for your toiletries. So why not created recessed shelving to store all those essential items?

7. Benched

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Instead of installing cabinets below the sink, why not install wooden planks to create a table and shelves? This will give you the extra storage space as well as a larger vanity area.

8. Up the ladder

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This is perhaps the quickest way to add more storage in a bathroom. Simply prop a ladder against a wall and add some baskets for instant shelves! To keep the baskets in place, simply use industrial strength glue to hold them in place.

9. Stack it up

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Another simple way to instantly add storage in a bathroom is to stack waterproof baskets on the bathroom floor. Place the baskets underneath a pedestal sink to save room and to allow easy access to toiletries. Not only is this solution easy, it also adds visual interest to the space.

10. A peg up

Source: www.hgtv.com

Installing peg rails and matching wooden planks above the sink and vanity area adds another layer of space to place lotions, soaps and jars of toiletries. What’s more, the peg rail below the planks allows you to hang towels and clothing, keeping things off the bathroom floor!