10 Places To Shop For Affordable Home Appliances In Singapore

10 Places To Shop For Affordable Home Appliances In Singapore

An online retailer of just about anything, Lazada offers a comprehensive selection of home appliances—from refrigerators and cooktops to mixers and sewing machines. Prices are pretty competitive too.

Expect to pay up to 70% less for items. While you may not inspect the goods you buy, Lazada allows customers to return most products so you can rest assure that you won’t receive faulty goods.

1. Lazada


2. Gumtree


If you don’t mind using pre-owned home appliances, websites such as Gumtree are great because you can score working appliances at a fraction of the original cost.

Of course, you have to be very careful when purchasing used items. Read reviews of the sellers thoroughly before purchasing. And if possible check the product before completing the sale.

A quick check on the website showed wine fridges going for $125 and 7.5kg washing machines going for $150!

3. Kong Tai Electrical Trading
This family business is a reliable bet for affordably priced appliances. Many satisfied customers recommend this Jurong store for great selection, prices and service.

What’s more, bargaining is tolerated here. If you are lucky, you may just walk home with a great deal. www.facebook.com/KongTaiElectricalTrading

4. SgAppliances


This business actually supplies appliances to large companies and government institutions. Prices are competitive but what we like most about SgAppliances is the extensive supply of household appliances and fixtures.

These include kitchen sinks and taps, air-conditioners, LED lighting, wine coolers and cooker hob, hood and oven combinations!

5. Gain City


Word has it that Gain City is the most reliable and affordable retailer of household goods and appliances out of all the major retailers in Singapore. We like browsing the sprawling 11-storey Megastore for inspiration.

This one-stop shop has all your household needs—from essentials such as kitchen appliances and accessories to audiovisual and tech equipment.

6. Mustafa


Mustafa is a reliable choice for bargain hunters. Not only does the 24-hour department store carry an extensive range of household items and electronics—think refrigerators and washing machines to microwave ovens and vacuum cleaners—it also boasts really competitive prices.

This is because they purchase goods in large quantities so that they can take in products from suppliers at much lower prices.

7. Parisilk


Having been around for more than 40 years, Paris Silk is a familiar electronics and household retailer with outlets located all around Singapore. While smaller than Gain City and Mustafa, Paris Silk has a good selection of quality products at competitive prices.

What we like about this retailer are the friendly and approachable staff who will sometimes let customers bargain or ask for freebies!

8. Groupon


This e-commerce marketplace is great for scoring household appliances at great discounts. Although what is available is limited to what is on offer, if you visit the site often enough, something you need is bound to come up.

With hefty discounts that can go up to 70%, Groupon is a haven for homeowners on a tight budget.

9. Best Denki


Another major player in electronics and household appliances, Best Denki is reliable and accessible for homeowners who want to buy everything under one roof. It also organizes regular sales so look out for deals in newspapers.

We like that Best Denki has a large selection of tech and electronics products. Looking for the latest wide-screen curved television or the most eco-friendly washing machine? Best Denki has them all!

10. FortyTwo


We talked about this online retailer before on where to get affordable furniture. Did you know that FortyTwo also sells kitchen and home appliances? From televisions and cooking hobs to vacuum cleaners and blenders, they have them all.

Although the selection is not as extensive as those at physical stores, we like the convenience of browsing and buying our home appliances (as well as furniture) all from one site. Prices are pretty competitive too, although you will not be able to bargain here.