10 HDB Kitchen That Will Suit You Regardless Of Your Budget

10 HDB Kitchen That Will Suit You Regardless Of Your Budget

Every kitchen must meet two standards. The first one is to meet your style, and the second is to be multifunctional and practical. All of the kitchens on the list meet those standards, and can fit any style: sleek, classic, rustic, contemporary, or retro.

Let’s start from the third one on the list, a classic modern kitchen that looks simple on first glance. However, the L shaped outlook is designed perfectly, with every inch used to squeeze an element more here and there.

The furnishing of the upper kitchen elements is excellent, with the same pattern as the upper elements, but a darker shade.

Or let’s take the bold, red kitchen. An open concept kitchen, the layout is designed to fill many purposes and uses. You get the cooking section, but the designer has also installed a bar section, ideal for chatting and gossiping with friends.

The white counter top provides more than enough space for food preparation. For those who want to fit a laundry in the kitchen, the design studio proposes grayish, sleek kitchen with a small countertop that is extended to serve as a bar table as well.