10 Functional Feature Wall Ideas You Can’t Find In Singapore!

10 Functional Feature Wall Ideas You Can’t Find In Singapore!

Feature walls are a great way to add colour and interest to a room. Rather than using a feature wall as a mere design element, why not take it up a notch to incorporate some functionality into the wall? Here are some ideas.

Display your most cherished family moments by hanging framed photos of various sizes on a wall. This is a sure way to create a focal point in a room while adding tonnes of personality and visual interest at the same time.

1. Photo wall

Source: www.home-dzine.co.za

2. Writing surface

Source: www.homedit.com

Blackboard walls are a great way of utilising wall space and transforming them into canvases to express your creativity. You can also use them to write messages, notes and grocery lists. This is something the little ones will love as it allows them to doodle on the walls without the repercussions!

3. Calendar

Source: www.housetohome.co.uk

Instead of just a plain blackboard wall, why not go a step further and create a wall calendar using chalkboard paint? This is especially great for a wall in a home office or kitchen as it allows you to keep track of family events and outings.

Simply paint the entire wall in chalkboard paint and create a calendar by drawing sections using chalk markers. With the passing of each month, simply wipe off and redraw.

4. TV console

Source: www.artemiskitchendesigns.com.au

Make use of the vertical space of a wall by installing a built-in TV console that doubles up as storage space. You can use interesting materials to add texture and uniqueness to the space.

5. Hidden storage

Source: www.homeanddecor.com.sg

Who doesn’t love additional storage? This is especially so in Singapore where most of us live in apartments. Ask your contractor to create a narrow storage space in front of a wall and add interesting texture such as wood panels, bricks, veneer or mirrors to the surface of the cabinet.

This is not only a great way to keep clutter at bay it also works well to hide unsightly household items and air-conditioning units. For the latter, use slatted wood panels to partially conceal the air-con unit while allowing cool air to flow into the room.

6. Mirrors

Source: www.theartofbespoke.com

You can add glamour and brightness into any room by inlaying an entire wall with mirrors. It is also a great way to give an illusion of more space. Plus, doubles up as a functional reflective surface!

7. Display shelf

Source: www.housetohome.co.uk

Feature walls that double as storage units need not be boring. Transform a basic shelf for your feature wall by adding attractive and colourful backsplashes. You can use either fabric or wrapping paper and glue them onto the backs and sides of each shelf.

8. Home gallery

Source: www.roomenvy.co.uk

If you love collecting art or other decorative objects, use a wall to display your collection in a gallery style. This will add personality and colour to any space. Plus you can appreciate your treasured pieces all at once!

9. Indoor garden

Source: www.houseandgarden.co.uk

If you are short on space for a full-fledged garden, why not transform one of your walls into an indoor vertical garden? Simply mount wooden boards or brackets onto the wall and place jars or pots of plants on top. This is especially great for small plants and herbs that don’t grow very tall.

10. World map wall

Source: www.iammommahearmeroar.net

If you are a frequent traveller, you can dedicate an entire wall in your living room to a world map and mark the countries that you have visited. You can purchase map decals or wallpapers from stores such as World Maps Online and apply the map on the wall as instructed.

This is a great way to add visual interest to a space and serve as inspiration for your next adventure!