Walk In Wardrobe For HDB BTO 3-Room At 57 Teban Gardens

aart boxx scandustrial master bedroom

Walk In Wardrobe For HDB BTO 3-Room At 57 Teban Gardens


You seldom find that a HDB BTO 3-room flat can have a walk in wardrobe. The greyish color of cement like wall is the perfect setting and background for the timber carpentry work. In what is actually a modern approach, the designer finishes the wardrobe cabinet with mirror doors to make the bedroom look bigger.

The truest, purest form of Scandinavian interior design commands simple and elegant style. That is what happens in this apartment, where the designer spices things up by adding some industrial touches.

aart boxx scandustrial master bedroom

aart boxx scandustrial master bedroom 1

aart boxx scandustrial dining area

Starting from the living area, where the focal point is the brick like wall. Often times, the focal point of the living area is the TV feature wall, but not in this case. A little arch carved out that looks like an altar is subtle, yet powerful element.

aart boxx scandustrial kitchen
Going into the kitchen, the Scandinavian approach starts to dominate the interior, as we see perfect timber finishing of the kitchen elements.

aart boxx scandustrial master bathroom
Not much can be said about the bathroom, except that the clean, neat and simple style we saw in the rest of the apartment continues here as well. The cabinets are floating, leaving little space underneath for illusion of bigger space.

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