Trendy Ambience With Rustic Looks Plus Modern Lighting

Trendy Ambience With Rustic Looks Plus Modern Lighting


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Modern home improvement requires constant evolution to keep have a fresh and trendy ambience. Fusing modern lighting with industrial rustic walls is the new way to achieve a great, modern look for any space in your home such as living room, lounge, bedroom kitchen, patio, bathroom, and kitchen. The following pictures, depict clever ways that you can implement to come up with an effortless look.

You can improve the ambience and look of your living room space with this chic modern look. The particular industrial walls in this room have a white background and brown accents. Keep your furniture neutral with a white background color. The carpet and parts of the living room’s finishing and accessories should match the brown accents, giving a beautiful contrast. Top it up with modern lighting as shown in the picture.

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Your bedroom too can benefit from this modern rustic feel. Implement a rustic look on one or two walls, and keep the other two walls painted white. Your bedding should match either of the two walls, while your carpet, floor and accessories should match the remaining two walls. Complete the look with modern lighting as shown in the picture.

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For small spaces, a clever combination of color and lighting can improve a room’s ambience and make it appear larger than it is. Have darker colors on storage spaces such as cabinets and drawers to keep the space from looking overwhelmed. Small spaces look best with shutters as they tend to take the attention away from the room’s size. Give the shutters a rustic color. Ensure that either the furniture or bedding is white, to give the room a contrasting look.

The secret to a great ambience with a rustic look is to pick two contrasting colors. A combination of white and various shades of brown works best. Always top it up with great lighting, and your home will have a surprisingly attractive rustic look.

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