Tips For Designing a Modern Themed Apartment On a Budget



It is never easy to design the home that you want to have when you are on a shoestring budget. That is why it is important to consult a designer who can help you achieve your dream home without having to go over your allotted budget.

The living and dining areas merge flawlessly as if it were the most natural thing there is. The TV feature wall of the living area made the television set pop out because of the wood panels. The mirror of the dining area on the other hand, reflected the whole space, creating a 3D illusion of depth. The marble flooring expressed a feeling of modern elegance.


The study or work area is immaculately pristine in white, encouraging the people using it to be more productive. The soft lighting is ample enough for long nights so it does not add to the glare of the laptops. The shelves are spacious enough to house books, decors and other personal effects of the owner.