This HDB 5-Room Looks More Like A Condo!

This HDB 5-Room Looks More Like A Condo!


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When you cannot decide on the theme that you want your home to have, all you need to do is think as if you are an artist and make everything eclectic. In these pictures, you will notice that the designer has shown no limits in terms of the materials that can be seen in the house. Wood, metal, glass, ceramic – they are all there and are used in a seamless combination to bring out the exquisite feel of the interior.

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And the best thing about it is that they complement one another.Aside from that, the homeowner sticks mostly to earth colors, and with just occasional pops of red and blue on the beddings, chairs, paintings and tables. This has allowed the different fixtures to blend well together rather than turn it into one hot mess.

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The dividers and cabinets are awesome additions too. If you are living in a condominium or an apartment where space is restricted, these partitions can hold some of your collections. Thus, they will not consume floor space.

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For the bathroom, using glass separators is still the best option. It makes the area appear larger than it truly is, as well gives it a modern vibe.
May this inspire you to redecorate your home the eclectic way.

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