This 4-Room Flat Looks Normal Until You See The Exposed Brick Wall

This 4-Room Flat Looks Normal Until You See The Exposed Brick Wall



Living alone can either be a good thing or a bad thing but when you have so much room to fill in to your hearts content, then that’s definitely a big plus! Having your own space can be liberating and difficult at the same time because you have so much control over what you want to do with your newly acquired space.

We suggest that you use your home to breed your interests and make it a reflection of who you are but at the same time, keeping in mind the functionality of your home.


If you’re a bit indecisive of what theme you want to opt for, a modern interior with hints of different design aspects is a very safe and fail-proof aesthetic. This room has a touch of zen with the patterns, art work and textures seen all around, including the closet doors.


The kitchen.


If you have an extra room but don’t want use it as a guest house, transforming it into a work room is a fantastic idea. The closet space can be used to store more clothes or office spplies.

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