Studio Apartment Design At Stratum Condo

Studio Apartment Design At Stratum Condo


This is a small studio apartment located at Stratum Condo. With limited space and a height of 3.3m, the home owner requested for a dining area, place to study, book shelves and plenty of storage spaces. In addition, a nice area to watch TV with a sofa is needed.

What is a home without a bed? Yes, you guessed it. A comfortable place to sleep is non-negotiable. While it’s a challenge to create space in a small area, the designer have fun putting his creativity into play. One of the idea is to combine the dining area with the study place by implementing a rotating table.

A two-seater sofa is placed exactly below the loft allowing the homeowner to watch TV which is supported by the feature wall that includes lots of storages.

This smart rotating table can act either as a dining or study table without using too much space.


Aart Boxx

Project By: Aart Boxx Interior
Address: 307 Joo Chiat Road
Tel: 9768 0834

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