Scandinavian Industrial Concept For Woodlands Blk 889C

Scandinavian Industrial Concept For Woodlands Blk 889C



The accent wall of this home is definitely the highlight of this space. It is made out of industrial material, most likely treated steel, and is matched with a grey couch to compliment the overall feel and other furniture to compliment and not make the space overbearing.

12967457_1710139552558036_2173990533619071634_oThe kitchen is a mix of industrial and a minimalist design and with its clean edges and design in accompaniment by the dark hues, it easily gives off the vibe of an older, more sophisticated home owner. In the background, you can also see a brick wall and high chairs that reflects an industrial design, as well.


There is always a secret to combining 2 concepts within a very limited space in order to achieve a tasteful outcome. By fusing two timeless design concepts such as light wood and a rustic feel, the right mood was created in order to complete this project.

Although quite uncommon, this industrial/ rustic/ woodland like home is a combination of many design elements that was fused together in order to create the perfect home.


Aart Boxx

Project By: Aart Boxx Interior
Address: 307 Joo Chiat Road
Tel: 9768 0834

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