Rustic Elements in Modern Setting

Rustic Elements in Modern Setting


Wood and timber have returned in interior design in recent years, and designers are taking advantage of the properties of the materials. Few years ago, it was almost impossible to see full timber made dining table in a modern interior.

However, since designers have acknowledged that the two styles can match, timber is making a return. The apartment is essentially decorated in modern style, but with some rustic elements.


The most prominent is the dining table, completely made out of timber. The finishing and outlook of the table is as natural as possible. Add in a wooden feature wall with a mirror, and you get yourself a unique living area.

In the children’s bedroom, on the other hand, the focus is on functionality and practicality. Both rooms are extremely functional for young children, but they can serve until mid-teenage years.
Wood dominates the rest of the interior as well. The master bedroom, for example, is almost completely made out of timber. The TV feature wall looks like a mosaic, made out of natural timber with black mat squares within it.

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