Modern Luxury With Woody Furniture At The Rainforest

Modern Luxury With Woody Furniture At The Rainforest


When you think of a luxurious apartment, crystals and glitz is the first association. But the designer here shows how much wood can be luxurious. It is all about the quality of the wood, and the combination that goes with it.

The apartment is done with a ton of style, and attention to every detail. While it doesn’t look like the most modern apartment, which are done in a minimalistic style, this apartment takes another approach. There is still enough room for moving freely, but it is all in the details.

A sculpture here, a small plant there, and a crystal glass here and there makes the apartment feel rich.

The designer also shows that even large apartments could use a trick or two for saving space. In the bedroom, the loft bed is a perfect example of multifunctional furniture. The lifted desk serves as a border of the bed, but also a place for an office corner.

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