Modern Luxurious Design At Lake Vista

Modern Luxurious Design At Lake Vista


In reality, there are walls in the interior design of this apartment. But the trick is, you are hard pressed to find a “normal” wall in the whole apartment. Nearly 80% of the walls in the apartment feature a different texture, material or design than what we are commonly used to see.

Let’s start from the living room, where one whole wall is made out of glass and wood, while the feature TV wall has rich, deep texture that gives depth and a luxurious golden feeling. With LED lights behind the TV, the colour of the feature wall is additionally enhanced.

The bedroom is another room where literally every wall features a different texture and it is all blended together thanks to the parquet flooring. The colours used for the bedroom are a bit unconventional, as they are very neutral.

However, the designer doesn’t allow the room to be lifeless. In order to bring some life and freshness in it, the designer plants a small tree, but it is more than enough.

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