Modern Interior With A Touch Of Baroque At The Tampines Trilliant

Modern Interior With A Touch Of Baroque At The Tampines Trilliant


Sometimes, you need just one element to completely change the outlook of a room. What happens here is that one element adds just a little touch of a different style to the timeless modern design. And that is what makes it so special.

The dining and the living room are done in a traditional way, and they look like most of the living areas in modern style. But add a crystal chandelier to the dining room, and suddenly you have a new apartment.

Combine it with several light sources for illumination, and the result is bright room with a signature element.

Accessories and decorations are characteristic for baroque, but here, they are done included in an elegant and classy way with shelves just for decorations.
In the small bedroom, we see a unique way how to add a flash of colour to a monochromatic interior. The colourful folders on the floating shelve are an excellent way for spicing up the white and grey room.

And in the master bedroom, the designer places another crystal chandelier for a luxurious and prestigious feeling. The fabrics, colours and materials in the living room are all top notch quality, enriching the room and adding depth.

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