Ideas to Style Your Condo

Ideas to Style Your Condo



Everyone dreams of having a home that feels like you live in a hotel. The ambiance is luxurious, posh and stylish. These are the same adjectives that come to mind when you enter this condo unit. Designed with the modern contemporary theme in mind, the overall feel is just wonderful.

The living area looks like it came straight out of a magazine. Posh and comfortable sofa seats adorn the space. A black coffee table sits atop a rug that gives the area its rich look. The plants adds texture and drama to the space.


The same design theme was incorporated to the bedroom. Wood panelling is exquisite and the bed is so inviting, you would definitely want to sleep in all day. The good thing with this theme is that it keeps  the surrounding areas looking clean and subdued. The lighting effect adds even more classiness to the bedroom. The flat screen TV does  not clutter the space as it is hanged to the wall.


The dining area seamlessly connects to the living area like it was naturally part of it. White chairs go well with the wooden table to create a sense of style. Flowers add a touch of grace to the area and the lighting provides  a dramatic effect similar to that of a restaurant.


The second bedroom is worthy of praise as well. A cabinet partition helps add depth to a dead spot in the room and at the same time provide decor for the space. Wood is still integral in this space as both cabinets and flooring use the material. Placing the bed by the big windows create a sense of quiet solitude.


One part of the condo unit is used as an office or study space. To maximize the potential of the area, the table is attached to the wall via a wood panel. The bookshelf by the corner adds life to an otherwise dead spot. The use of dark wood panels create the consistent sense of luxury the condo unit exudes.


The wood panel that serves as the table covers both sides of the room which imbibes a sense of productivity. Lighting is neither too bright nor lacking, but enough for one to work or study. The chairs are comfortable enough to invite one to sit for long hours to work.


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