Here’s An Unexpected Way To Get A Spacious HDB Kitchen

Here’s An Unexpected Way To Get A Spacious HDB Kitchen



One of the highlights of the Scandinavian look are the vinyl flooring which has been a popular choice among home owners because of its woody feel which is a big factor in achieving a Scandinavian look. It is then paired with white accents and complimenting wooden accents like tables, chairs and table tops.

The walls were hacked to allow for a more spacious kitchen.


This HDB flat was remodelled and transformed into a modern Scandinavian design as per request of the home owners. As few adjustments and renovations where done in order to achieve this look.

A modern Scandinavian look can still be achieved with or without major reconstruction..


The bathroom which also uses wood-like tile designs.


This working area is a great mix of Scandinavian and modern designs because of the modern pop design on the walls which is toned by the Scandinavian aspects such as furniture and pattern works.


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