HDB Space Saving Solutions At Waterway Terrace II For $25k

inzz studio space saving common bedroom

HDB Space Saving Solutions At Waterway Terrace II For $25k


inzz studio space saving living area

Usually, minimalistic interior is not something people associate with space saving solutions. But while minimalistic approach demands fewer and fewer unique and signature elements, there is no reason why those elements cannot save some space and offer storage. 

Let’s start from the living area, where every single carpentry element contains storage space. Starting from the TV feature wall and with the shelves beneath the TV, and then continue to the shoe cabinet on the entrance and the coffee table. All of the storage solutions are subtle and elegant.

Going back to the TV feature wall, the designer has creatively kept the attention away from the storage shelves by placing a high gloss background.

In the kitchen, the designer keeps things clean and simple, with multiple upper and lower elements.

In the master bedroom, a floor to ceiling wardrobe is more than enough to store everything. The designer also installs a marble made TV feature wall for styling and character.

The common bedroom is where we see the space saving solutions at their best. The whole concept of beds linked with two separate study desks and shelves in the upper section is simply brilliant.

inzz studio space saving master bedroom inzz studio space saving kitchen inzz studio space saving common bedroom

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