HDB BTO 4-Room Retro Style At Blk 678A Punggol Drive

design chapterz retrol iving area

HDB BTO 4-Room Retro Style At Blk 678A Punggol Drive


design chapterz retrol iving area
The 90s were coming back to fashion in the past few years, but they have yet to break through in the interior design. But that doesn’t mean we cannot have a retro inspired interior from time to time. 

From the moment you set foot in the interior you are greeted with a flashback, echoed by the number of bold and vivid colors for the walls, furnishing and accessories.

In the living room, though, the signature element is the brick like TV feature wall. We have seen a brick like wall so many times so far, but we rarely see bricks in different colors, just like in the 90s.

The shoes cabinet is split in two sections, one flashing back to the 90s with the red-blue theme, and the second a display niche with glass doors.

Going into the master bedroom, it is same old retro style again. A subtle trick is the bed, which is placed directly on the floor, resembling the hippie style of the 70s. Carpentry work is exquisite, with wooden light brown laminate combined with the blue and red theme.

Last, but not least, in the kitchen, it is all about boldness, and what better way to go bold than a dramatic yellow MDF high gloss finishing for the kitchen elements.

design chapterz retro kitchen

design chapterz retro master bedroom

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