HDB BTO 4-Room Contemporary Use of Mirror And Glass At Sengkang

HDB BTO 4-Room Contemporary Use of Mirror And Glass At Sengkang


The kitchen is fully separated from the dining area with a glass panel, but since it is transparent, you get the feeling they are one room. Additionally, in the living area, one full wall is made out of glass, again with the goal of separating rooms.

The main approach in the living and the dining area is the use of glass and mirrors. Contemporary design always asks for mirrors, as they are one of the main elements. In this case, the designer uses mirrors and glass in a unique way.

The children’s bedroom also follows the texture approach. An abundance of different wallpapers have been used in the children room, but they all follow one common topic: girly childish design.

All the wallpapers are in line with the girly theme of the room, not just with design, but with the pale pink colour as well.

Getting to the bedrooms, we see another approach of the designer, and that is the use of texture. In the master bedroom, the headboard is the home for experimenting with texture.

A built in wardrobe saves space, and the lamps on the nightstand add a bit of retro style and touch to the room.

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