HDB 3D Drawings @ Upper Serangoon Crescent

HDB 3D Drawings @ Upper Serangoon Crescent


You can accomplish a lot even in a small space with smart solutions and decorating. And the space can look extraordinary and luxurious.

Here, we have high quality wooden furniture, made from high gloss wood, making the room shiny and bright. The abundance of light is evident, and it makes the room glossier, brighter and more extravagant.

The designer has managed to keep the balance, as there is always risk of overdoing the light. The elegance of the room is kept, and the simple pictures on the wall and cushions contribute to the simplicity and elegance of the living room.

Since there is little space, additional rooms are created with separation by wardrobe walls or the corners are used. By keeping the furniture at minimum, the designer has accomplished to fit a dining room and an office room into what is just one large and spacious living room.

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