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Quotation for 5 rooms BTO

Theme: Modern Classic
Budget: 30k

Attached floor plan:
I did not take up BTO flooring. Thus, I would like the floorings for my Living/Dining, Master Bedroom, and Bedroom 2 & 3 to use high-end resilient flooring. Kitchen and Service yard to use normal ceramic floor tiles.

Master Bedroom
• King Size bed
• Built in wardrobe / Walk in wardrobe (if possible)
• Fiber optic lightings on ceiling

Master Bathroom (WC 1)
• One that looks exactly like the 1st pic attached with bathtub and tiles.
• Tiles, to overlay or hack
• Half-length mirror (2nd pic), with enclosed cabinet. 

Bedroom 2 & 3
• Built in wardrobe

Common Bathroom (WC 2)
• Tiles, to overlay or hack
• Half-length mirror, with enclosed cabinet.

Living Room
• To built in shoe rack
• 3D wall paper as attached pic

Dining Area
• Full length mirror
• Round dining table

Kitchen & Service Yard
• To hack the tiles and ramp up (extend kitchen)
• To do cabinet
• Do up windows at the end of the service yard

Kindly forward the quotations to Thank you =)
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