8 Smart Ways To Fit Furnitures In Your Home

8 Smart Ways To Fit Furnitures In Your Home


Looking for ways to free up more space and organise your home? Here are 8 practical principles for arranging your furniture and decor to declutter and create a more inviting space for you to live in.


  1. Don’t clutter the entrance

    One way to make your room feel less crowded is to place heavier objects furthest away from the entrance of the room. This takes away a bit of that visual bulk by putting it further away from your eyes and help make the space feel less cluttered. All in all, avoid placing any furniture too close to the door.orderly entrywaySource: Better Homes & Gardens

    2. Organise furniture into various sections

    You could consider arranging your furniture by function. With the distinct zones, the room will feel much larger and it will seem as though you have multiple sections in a single room.

    living drawing
    Source: Bao315

    3. Aim for balance

    As much as possible, distribute the visual weight of furniture throughout a room, making the space feel balanced. At the same time, you could incorporate bold or dramatic design patterns to balance out the visual weight too.

    aim for balance
    Source: Hey There Home

    4. Place furniture in the center of the room

    With the small spaces of rooms, we tend to line furniture to the walls. However, this will only make a room feel surrounded and a little empty in the middle. It is important to arrange the furniture in the room away from the walls. By creating space beyond the furniture, it adds volume to a room.

    match wall colour
    Image Source: Interior Decorz

    5. Match furniture to the wall colour

    With a colour theme for your furniture and walls, everything simply blends in together and widens your space. This way, the furniture will fit perfectly in the room. No more having to worry about furniture pieces being out of place in your home!

    blend furniture
    Source: Elle Decor

    6. Create storage

    Storage boxes will come in handy when you have too many small items being left around the room. Make sure that your table tops or your flooring are free from clutter or unnecessary items to create more space and achieve a clean look. This is possible by properly planning the arrangement of your fixtures and accent pieces.

    create storage
    Source: Love It So Much

    7. Use all available space

    Make use of vertical space to maximise the space that you have. Don’t limit yourself to what’s on the floor – look beyond it and you will be surprised by the amount of things you can do to a room. For instance, you could include a floor to ceiling bookcase to help you store your books, and other displays.

    use all space
    Source: Founterior

    8. Keep it classic and elegant

    Achieve a classic and elegant living room by using neutral colours for fabric and fixtures. Usually this includes purchasing sofas and accent chairs that look crisp and luxurious. Don’t hesitate to buy accent fixtures that will give your space its trademark look.

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    Source: The Glitter Guide


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