6 Reasons Industrial Design is the Best Design Theme for Today’s Generation

6 Reasons Industrial Design is the Best Design Theme for Today’s Generation


aart box Canberra EC 1
The homeowner and designer chose to use the Industrial concept for this apartment to enhance the space and focus on the furnishings that gave texture and life to the home. The color scheme is a dark, rich brown which blended well with the cement wall. 

aart box Canberra EC 2
The TV feature wall matches the wood flooring and the other furnishings in the living room. The big windows provide an airy and light feel to the room.

aart box Canberra EC 3















A unique storage cabinet made interestingly of raw wood worked its magic in creating volume and depth to the apartment. The designer ingeniously made the cabinet work as a partition to the living room and dining area as well.

aart box Canberra EC 4















Guests will surely love the design of the bookshelf as it provides a modern and trendy appeal to the space. The colorful throw pillows instantly livened up the grey sofa.

aart box Canberra EC 5
The platform bed maximized the space of the bedroom. What is interesting about the platform is the use of raw wood that made the room have quite a strong and distinct personality. Very chic, modern and industrial.

aart box Canberra EC 6















The work table uses a wire mesh that is also similar to the one attached to the storage cabinet near the living area.


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