5 Photos of a Minimalist Home

5 Photos of a Minimalist Home



Minimalistic or modern type homes have caught the attention of many home owners over the past years. In this entry, we will be showing some shots of a modern type home that mixes beautiful interiors with a modern twist.


Modern or minimalist designs can be simple but very useful or space efficient. Each corner of the room is utilized without cramping up the area. Consider built in shelves and add vases or trinkets to the shelf that allow you to show off your style and preferences.


Whether you are working with a big or a small space, patterns and color play always play an integral role in this interior process. Playing with complimentary and a few contrasting colors really accentuates a room.


Adding different materials or textures to a room excites the eyes and mind enough for as long as it is not too overwhelming.


Incorporating different industrial materials like steel, wood, brick and others make a room more interesting and keep that modern vibe alive!

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